Installment Plan for a Large Gift

Before adding any asset to your portfolio, the risk and return must be examined.  What are the risk and return characteristics of life insurance?  How may life insurance enhance your existing portfolio's performance?

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Protecting Your Business Interests

Life insurance can be used to fund buy/sell agreements, enhance retirement savings plans or insure key employees.  Life Insurance can also help equalize the estate when business interests will not be distributed equally among heirs.

  • works with wealth managers, family offices, estate planning attorneys and accountants
  • provides expertise  in large case life insurance placement to improve outcomes
  • explains the advantages and disadvantages of sophisticated life insurance planning techniques
  • is fully independent and offers products from top life insurance companies

Most clients with significant wealth do not NEED life insurance.  So why do they buy it?  Life insurance is a uniquely designed financial product that addresses planning problems business owners and most wealthy clients encounter.

sea¬∑wall   noun \se-wol\: a wall or embankment to protect

the shore from erosion or to act as a breakwater

Why Wealthy People Buy   Life Insurance

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How strong  is your financial seawall?

Some clients understand the benefit of making gifts to their children.  But how best to accomplish this goal?  Will there be sufficient cash flow after the gift?  What about control?  Is the transfer gift tax efficient?

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Life Insurance as an Asset Class

A seawall is a barrier built to protect you, your home and family from the destructive and sometimes unexpected forces of nature.  Wealthy individuals must carefully construct financial seawalls to protect their family, their businesses, and their wealth from the destructive forces of taxation, market risk and litigation.  Any well-constructed wealth protection plan should consider the use of life insurance.  This asset class can provide liquidity, reduce taxable income and transfer wealth to the next generation.

               What does seawall FINANCIAL do?

Seawall Financial provides trusted advice on the use of life insurance to top wealth management and advisory firms in the country.  Sophisticated advisors enlist our help because we are experts in our field.  Craig Wilkey, the firm's Managing Director, is a nationally recognized life insurance expert.  Prior to founding Seawall Financial, Craig managed Deloitte's Insurance Consulting Services for the Private Client Group.   Seawall can evaluate existing life insurance portfolios or manage the acquisition process so that clients secure the most competitively priced insurance products available.