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Seawall Financial LLC
Providing Life Insurance Expertise to High Net Worth Clients and their Advisors


Large Case Expertise

  • Our underwriting process is designed specifically to protect the interests of clients to ensure best possible policies at the best possible rates with financially strong insurers
  • Our cases are carefully managed to assure the best possible offers within a carrier's automatic underwriting capacity.  We carefully manage offers to reduce adverse outcomes
  • Medical doctors review large case underwriting prior to submitting information to insurers to properly present risk to case underwriters
  • We understand that policy servicing is more complex for large case portfolios.  Large cases generally involve several carriers and may require specialized  tax reporting

Advisor Orientation

  • Craig co-authored Bloomberg BNA "Life Insurance -- A Practical Guide for Evaluating Life Insurance".  This book is written for the top legal and accounting professionals
  • Managed the Life Insurance Services Group at Deloitte, a big-four consulting firm
  • Served as a Product Development officer for a life carrier
  • Defense witness for a client litigating an offshore private placement sale against a major life carrier

Recognized Expert

Client Advocate

  • Seawall represents many of the largest and best life insurance carriers in the country
  • Seawall aggressively seeks bids from these carriers so that our clients receive the best possible offers
  • We do not maintain any special compensation arrangements through reinsurers or stock compensation plans.
  • We structure life policies to optimize client objectives

Few firms are dedicated to the

large case life insurance market. 

We offer expertise, a consultative approach and independence.  We work with some of the most recognized and important wealth advisors in the country.

Statement of Principle

Our clients' interests are paramount. 

Client trust is the most important measure of our success. 

Trust is not based on faith.  It is earned through the clarity of our communications, the thoroughness of our analysis, the care we take in keeping personal information confidential, and our ability to deliver and service exceptional insurance programs that meet our client's needs.

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  • We are a boutique firm dedicated to large life insurance planning, assessment and placement
  • We are life insurance experts.  We coordinate life insurance planning with the client's appointed investment, legal and tax advisors as directed. 
  • As we work with the most sophisticated planners in the country and can advise on estate and tax planning techniques used to the fund the purchase of life insurance
  • We practice full disclosure.  We share underwriting results and premium information with the clients and advisors so they can make an informed decision
  • We understand that life insurance represents one piece of a much larger portfolio

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